Herbipolis, LLC
Preschool animation series for TV.
Shwe Shwe Kids is a series (13 × 3 minutes) for preschool children based
on the Shwe Shwe Poppis™, a group of ragdolls 
developed and handcrafted from
drawings of humans sketched by South African children.
Logo, animation concept, and identity system for the introduction of characters.
Participated in the visual development of the first episode Frog Song.

Designed animation backgrounds based on Shwe Shwe fabrics.
Executive production:  
Samantha Smirin
Direction, Illustration and animation: Robert Wurzburg
© 2011 Shwe Shwe Kids. Shwe Shwe Poppis™ and its logo are trademarks of the
Shwe Shwe Poppis™ Trust. All rights reserved.




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